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To Prevent an AI Apocalypse, the World Needs to Work With China The Unexonerated Speak: A New Documentary Sheds Light on Uzbekistan’s Dark Past KMT’s Han Kuo-yu Is Taiwan’s New Legislative Speaker China Welcomes a Taliban Ambassador to Beijing Thousands of Indian Workers Recruited for Jobs in Israel Myanmar Junta Again Extends State of Emergency Ahead of Coup Anniversary Former Malaysian PM’s Prison Term Halved by Royal Pardon, Report Claims Aren’t Cambodia’s Journalists Tired Of Being Spoken Down To? Admiral Yamamoto’s Practice for Pearl Harbor: Truth and Fiction Acute Shortage of Cotton Pickers Results in Coercion by Officials China’s Navy Patrols Near Japan and Taiwan Thai Court Says Move Forward Party Must Stop Trying to Change Royal Defamation Law Indonesia Embraces New Thinking Amid Rice Crisis Kishida’s Unfinished Business: Political Economy of Wage Increases in Japan 3 Years Since Myanmar’s Coup, Stronger Global Action Is Needed Pakistan’s Not-So-Azad Kashmir Markets, Makers, and the State of Play in Southeast Asia’s Electric Vehicle Industry After the Election: Where Will Lai Lead Taiwan? Ali Riaz on the Future of Bangladesh’s Politics Finding Australia in K-Pop How North Korea Deterred an American Invasion in 2002 China Ties Work to Bukele’s Advantage in El Salvador’s Upcoming Election Pakistan’s Imran Khan Gets 14-year Prison Term BJP’s International and Subnational Energy Commitments: A Balancing Act Ahead of Coup Anniversary, Myanmar Resistance Groups Release Political Roadmap Will Thailand Deport a Group of Dissident Musicians to Russia? Billionaire Sultan Ibrahim of Johor Sworn in as Malaysia’s King The Role of Thailand in Germany’s Auto Manufacturing Future Vietnam, Philippines Sign Agreements on Maritime Security Cooperation Three Years After the Myanmar Coup, Women Human Rights Defenders Remain at the Forefront AI-Generated Content Poses a Looming Threat to Women in India and Pakistan How Aceh’s About-face on Rohingya Refugees Echoes in India Hong Kong Begins Work on Its Own National Security Law After Beijing’s Version Crushed Dissent An ‘Orange Revolution’ in South Korean Politics? Australia Has No Plan for Climate Change Adaptation. Why? Taiwan’s Election Has Big Ramifications for Energy Security Jingu Gaien Redevelopment Sparks Outrage in Tokyo. Is the Backlash Too Little, Too Late? Taiwan’s National Identity Post-Election Central Asia No Closer to Shaking Perceptions of Corruption The Uyghurs: Kashgar Before the Catastrophe Securing China-US Relations Within the Wider Asia-Pacific Chaos on the Indus: Pakistan’s Election Maelstrom Pakistan’s Islamist Parties Could Emerge Spoilers or Kingmakers Indian and Seychelles Forces Separately Rescue 2 Fishing Boats Hijacked by Somali Pirates Greenflation and the Role of Prices in Clean Energy Transitions How Southeast Asia Responded to Taiwan’s Election Ex-Philippine Leader Duterte Accuses Marcos of Plotting to Tighten His Grip on Power Thailand-China Railway Project Should Be Expedited, Chinese FM Says Former Malaysian Finance Minister Latest to be Charged in Corruption Probe Navigating New Horizons: Uzbekistan’s Role in Global Connectivity Myanmar, South China Sea Conflicts Top Agenda as ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meet China Evergrande, Facing $300 Billion in Debt, Has Been Ordered to Liquidate How India Betrayed Mahatma Gandhi Ahn Cheol-soo on the State of South Korean Politics Wanted, Again: Matraimov Once More Sought by Authorities in Kyrgyzstan US National Security Advisor, China’s Top Foreign Policy Official Met in Thailand China in the Red Sea: Beijing’s Houthi Connection Swallowed by Water, in the Sundarbans There Is Nowhere Else to Go Australia Day: A National Impasse Japan’s First Moon Rover Resumes Operations After Landing Upside Down The Centrality of Security in the Pakistan-US Relationship India-France Relations and Indo-Pacific Power Play China’s Nuclear Forces Continue to Expand How Serious Are the Latest Threats From North Korea? Sri Lanka Kneecaps Its Marine Research Myanmar Junta Sends Representative to ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Iran Moves Towards Greater Cooperation With Taliban Maldives Grapples with Repatriation Amidst Rising Religious Extremism Two Malaysian Men Sentenced to 23 Years Prison For Bali Bombing Censorship, AI, Disinformation, and Repression Undermine Asia’s Elections Reviewing Thailand-Germany Ties in Light of President Steinmeier’s Visit