Post-Election, Where Do Taiwan’s Political Parties Stand?

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Post-Election, Where Do Taiwan’s Political Parties Stand?

Wei-Ting Yen of Franklin & Marshall College outlines the prospects for the DPP, KMT, and TPP after the 2024 polls.

Taiwan held its much-anticipated elections on January 13. The DPP’s Lai Ching-te won the presidential race, with 40 percent of the vote. However, the DPP lost its legislative majority, presaging a tough road ahead for the future Lai administration. Meanwhile, the KMT also failed to win an outright majority in the legislative race, meaning a third party, the TPP, now holds the deciding vote share in the Legislative Yuan.

How well are each of these three political parties positioned after the 2024 election?

In this video recorded on January 18, The Diplomat’s Shannon Tiezzi speaks to Wei-ting Yen, an assistant professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College, about Taiwan’s post-election politics.